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Rome's Nasoni

(from Wikipedia) The so called "Nasoni" are water fountains spread throughout Rome, always pouring free fresh water. Their name ("big noses") comes from their tipical shape vaguely resembling a face with a long nose (the spout).


These fountains, typical in Rome, were installed for the first time in 1874 when they had three holes each one in a dragon shaped spout. Then, a new generation came with a simpler shape with only one cylindric spout, downward bend, and this is still the actual model.

In Rome there are about 2500 "Nasoni", 280 in the historical center.

In this map you can find a subset of them. List is evolving with contributions from everyone; actually it contains more than 1000 Nasoni; if you know any other Nasone not included in this list please register and add it. It is also possible to correct position of a present Nasone.


To find a Nasone simply zoom on the place you are interested in.

To contribute to the list register using the panel on top-right of this page.

After registration you will be able to add new points or correct old ones.

To add a new point, zoom on the place, click on "add a new Nasone"; a new red placeholder will appear on the map. Move the placeholder to the correct place. Then add a name to the new Nasone (you can simply write "Nasone") and store it clicking on "save".

To modify an existing point, click on its placeholder on the map; an information window will appear. Click on "move"; a new red placeholder will appear to be moved to new position. Then clic on "save".

To change name or notes of an existing point, click on its placeholder on the map; an information window will appear. Click on "move", change name or notes in the input fields and click on "save".

It is also possible to restore a deleted Nasone. You should at first activate them on map clicking on "deleted Nasoni", then click on a placeholder. So, in the info window, click on "restore".

Are these data reliable?

It only depends upon us. If you find a missing or a wrong information, please add or correct it. If you don't know how to do this, please try to read instructions above or write to the support forum.


Support forum:

Wikipedia page dedicated to "Nasoni" (in Italian):

Page dedicated to Nasoni on the web site of Acea SpA, the public water provider in Rome: